Who is Nikki D.O.P.E? Being everything that I am, I am almost inclined to pose the question as “Who is she not?” I am a mother, daughter, sister, lover, one who encourages, photographer, beauty lover, tomboy, girly girl, and lover all things creative just to name a few. I am also an individual full of many ideas, skills, and natural talents which I am seeking to walk in to fulfill my God-given purpose.

I initially created this blog as an outlet for myself many years ago. In the process, I realized that one of my passions is uplifting and encouraging others, especially women. As I have matured, my focus has shifted. This blog is a place where I seek to share my life as well as uplift and encourage those who visit. I am learning as I go. My desire is not to be “the internet’s next top life coach,” but I am willing to go wherever God leads me. My goal is to share the love of Christ all while encouraging you to be unapologetically D.O.P.E.

When say “D.O.P.E.,” I do not use it in a typical negative sense. D.O.P.E. individuals strive to have great character. They are brilliant, resilient, goal diggers who are determined to overcome and persevere endlessly. Regardless of our backgrounds, who we are, or what “everyone else is doing”, I believe we are all capable of walking in the spirit of greatness (dopeness) we were created to walk in. Follow me as I, by faith, I walk out my own path of greatness. There’s enough room for all of us to be D.O.P.E.

With love,