Loving You Is My Portion

I’ve experienced heartache more or less so than the next person has. I experience sorrow, pain, fear, regret, and hate just as I have joy, happiness, love, and peace. No emotion I experience differs from that of any other human has felt. The only difference between me and the next person is our perception.

I say all that to say and remind myself of this. One could say I essentially am justified to treat people the way they have dealt with me. I have been wrong, lied on and lied to, cheated on and backstabbed, but I have also committed those same actions, and sometimes without probable cause. But I also understand that what I put out will eventually come back to me.

In all that, I have a choice and a responsibility. I have the choice to continue to perpetuate the negative, and I have the responsibility of controlling my reactions to life’s circumstances. It’s easy to move in hate, anger, and bitterness because of the perception of what someone else done to me. It’s easy for me to hold grudges and live with an eye for an eye philosophy. It’s easy for me to seclude myself and put myself on a pedestal for being what other people aren’t…but delusions of easy is not what I was created for. I was created by Love, out of love, to love. If I don’t abide in Love and fulfill the call of loving others truly, then I only fail myself. It’s not the easiest thing to love people, especially when people have wronged me. It’s not easy to love when the world calls you stupid for loving your enemies. But it’s a choice I willingly choose to make daily in order to be everything that God placed within me to be.


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