This “Game” Called Life

I see life through spiritual eyes, but life lately reminds me of a video game. We have all of these minions and distractions that try to keep each off of us from the “prizes” and the end goal that God has for us. When get stuck and caught up on the distractions, we can’t get to the next level. Although, some of the distractions that we encounter help to shape us and strengthen us once we get past them.

It’s funny how we were shown these concepts early in our lives through video games lol.

As we age and become adults, it’s like we forget those concepts (because for one nobody tells us how​ those concepts correlate to life). As we mature, we have become like a child again when it comes to our dreams and our faith and our ability to trust God. Those things help us to keep going and not get too caught up on these worldly distractions.

In the meantime we try to collect all the little coins to get the highest score we can while on our missions, which is the biggest distraction in itself..Becauserse this how “the game” is set up in the physical…But everything we grow through, our character, our thoughts, our hearts, our desires, how we love, and how we operate is spiritual.


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