BEAUTY | Brows on Fleek

When it comes to brows, I am such a snob. I’ve always admired thick lush brows because my natural brows were and still are thick and lush.

Over the years, I’ve gone through many brow ups and downs. I’ve experienced over waxing, botched brow jobs which included thin brows and removed arches. I came across 2 good eyebrow artists which I consistently visited the last 10 years only for one to no longer provide brow services and the other to move out of state. For the last few months I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect brow artist again and by the grace of God and the power of Instagram, came across an artist who totally fits the bill.
Nicole McDonald, originally from California and now based in the Fort Worth-Dallas area, is a makeup artist and esthetician who is extremely talented withwhat she does. Her Instagram page @browsbynicolem is filled with her work and she does an amazing job.

Her salon area is cute, cozy, and chic with an ambiance that will have you feeling like a star, and you will leave looking amazing. She is very professional and knowledgeable and recommends methods of growing out your brows to a shape that best suits your facial structure.

So to all my DFW ladies (or anyone visiting the area), if you’re looking for someone to shape and “fleek” your eyebrows, please check out her work and visit her!

Instagram : @browsbynicolem



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