Monique Renee | The Experience II

About last night…

On 10.23.2016, I was able to partake in an epic concert for talented singer and songwriter, Monique Renee. Last year was my first time being a part of this artist’s show, and it was an honor to be apart of it this year. It has brought me great pleasure to watch Monique blossom and transform into the artist that she is and that she is still becoming. She is extremely talented and is such a humble, down to earth, and genuine spirit. I cannot wait to share her new music with you and provide you all with what I’ve been blessed to witness.

Among others who performed at The Experience II was talented GuitarSlayer aka Justin Lyons. He is the lead guitarist for the international SUPER group Big Bang. He is an AMAZING artist…and when I say amazing, I mean that with every fiber of  my body. He is also a music producer who exudes creative energy. I’ve had the honor of sitting in a few of his studio sessions and cannot wait for EVERYONE to hear the magic that this humble and amazing soul creates.

Also, Tempest Barnes of Dallas was the opening act for Monique Renee. Tempest is an amazing artist. She travels internationally living her dream and using her gift to bless the world. She has amazing stage presence, a beautiful voice, and I cannot wait to hear more from her as well. I also got the chance to interview her which I will be sharing soon.

Check out the images and footage below and be sure to check out Monique Renee on social media. The beautiful and talented Jaguar Wright also graced us with her presence while showing support to Monique Renee.




THE BAND | They Killed It!



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