Be Genuine!


No crabs in a bucket over here. It’s about believing in Christ, loving God with your entire being, and loving others as yourself.

We support our family. We support our friends. We help those in need, those we know and strangers.

We know that people change for better or for worst and we still love them if even from a distance..and know that the distance isn’t hate.
If we got it, we give it and not just because “well Gods gonna bless me for this” because we understand it’s bigger than us. Our lives are not our on.

Man, be sincere, be humble, be true in all that you do. The elevation is most just to say “I’m self-made and I did it on my own.” It’s knowing you’re God made and that you are where you are because God allowed it. Without Him, I’m nothing, we’re nothing.


3 thoughts on “Be Genuine!

    • Nikki says:

      Hey Jenn Love! ❀ I miss you lady. Thank you and thank you for reblogging. We are def going to have to meet up. I've been bull corning and I apologize ❀


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