The Oil Cleansing Method

So, as of last year, I have been dealing with something that I never really dealt with as a teen and early 20s adult. Acne. I While I would have the occasional hormonal breakout like clock work around that time of the month, the new, daily bouts of cystic acne was something I wasn’t accustomed to.

I was lead to begin using CeraVe products by a dermatologist due to having extreme eczema flare ups on my hand. Majority of 2014 and almost the whole year of 2015, I had patches of dry, peeling, weeping skin (which has recently come back by the way), that plagued me and caused me to take a trip to my MD for help. I was placed on a new steroid ointment and advised of CeraVe. The skin products worked so well, I opted to try their facial products which included a salicylic acid face cleanser as well as a daily moisturizer.

I noticed an increase in cystic acne, but didn’t think it was caused by my beloved CeraVe products. I eventually begin to ween myself from the CeraVe facial products, and the daily breakouts almost ceased immediately. While in the process, I recalled the time “HeyFranHey” made a YouTube video on the Oil Cleansing Method. I started using some almond oil I purchased from the grocery store to cook with, and within three days, I noticed how ALL of my acne scars began to fade. I wasn’t even looking to fade acne, I just wanted a glowy, moisturized face. The fading benefits of the oil came as a total shock to me. Since then, I cleanse my face with almond oil daily. I tone with a store brand toner or pure witch hazel, and I re-moisturize with a VERY SMALL amount of the almond oil and allow it to sink into my skin.

Other than the occasional hormonal outbreak, I do not suffer from the daily cystic acne that I was recently plagued with. I began this method in December 2015 and have noticed a great improvement in my skin’s overall tone. I have a few pics from my experience, but unfortunately during the beginning stages, I did not chronologize my journey.

A few benefits of almond oil:

  • Almond oil is enriched with vitamins E, A, and B. It is also rich in magnesium and fatty acids. Vitamin E helps prevent signs of aging and helps rejuvenate skin. Almond oil is said to reduce wrinkles with regular use.
  • Almond oil is considered a natural sunscreen and has a SPF about 5.
  • Almond oil is easily absorbed in the skin.

I will post more on this wonderful method soon.



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