StylezbyKey | Key Stirguss from NOLA

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing¬†the God-fearing, educated, fly, and boss babe Key Stirgus of (ūüĎĎJustKey ProductionsūüĎĎ). She’s from New Orleans and is a¬†survivor of Katrina currently residing in the DFW metroplex. She is an entrepreneur, mother, and an all around “Jill of trades.” She is an inspiration to many, including myself and her personality is just¬†as dope as her appearance. Here’s¬†a little insight on this queen and her style. Be sure to follow her at the links listed at the end of this interview.

12142317_937778326257197_555381370_n Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and allowing me to interview you. I love you that you are a hairstylist, a mom, an entrepreneur…you pretty much do it all, but you always look fab, effortlessly. How do you manage staying fly being a Jill of so many trades?

Key: With much prayer I can only say that it’s a God given ability to be Jill!¬†I have no special tricks or abilities¬†of my own . I have always believed in self-confidence, and with confidence comes Beauty! With¬†much confidence I’ve¬†managed to be dedicated to my craft¬†.With trial, error, and learning I’ve found what¬†I believe works for me.

12230768_1512658759026900_398686659_n I recently caught a clip of you as a contestant on ‚ÄúThe Real,‚ÄĚ and I love how classy and regal your entire get-up looked. Can you tell us about your outfit such as the brands you were wearing, and how your decided to pair everything? It all blended perfectly. (Outfit shown in first picture)

Key: Thank you! I was in L.A for my birthday vacation, and I knew that I wanted to put an outfit together that was elegant and stood out. Forever 21 is  one of my favorite stores and it gives me life. I love glam and shimmer so when I spotted the sequin crop top I fell in love. The rust color midi skirt (It was the perfect neutral color for the top ), Also paired with a simple gold sandal All came from forever 21 . My sunglasses were provided by The classy up do that I rocked was one of my very own signature protective style, faux Locs.

1922035_1558721377710746_1906004659_n It seems nowadays, people are less concerned with labels and more concerned with looking their best, which I think is a good thing. I mean who doesn’t like saving money? I believe people can look their best whether you spend $9 at a thrift store of $90 at Macy’s. Do you prefer high-end labels or to be inexpensively chic? What are some of your fashion spending tips?

Key:¬†Indeed I agree. Being that I’ve been a single mother for the past 12 years I’ve always learned to shop for deals, markdowns and even lay away. I don’t believe there are any rules to fashion, and I dress my kids and I according to our moods. Occasionally, I may step outside the box and spend more money on statement¬†pieces that can be used for multi¬†uses. I don’t find any harm in bargain hunting and shopping within “budget”¬†if your keeping up with the latest trends or starting a trend of your own .

12120526_828568640589861_1175444458_n Your outfits always look as if a wardrobe stylist put them together. For those of us who are not so blessed to be as fashion savvy, what are your top 3 styling tips?

Key: Thank you, Nikki ! My top 3 styling tips are 1. If you don’t feel right in it you won’t look right in it. Confidence is the best outfit you can rock. 2. Know your figure and what works best for your body type. 3. Always have multi purpose pieces (for example a pair of ¬†skinny jeans can be dressed up or down. It¬† can be paired with a pair of flats and a sweater for a casual look or heels and¬†a blazer For a night on the town). Also, neutral colors such as black, white, tan or denim are must haves for EVERY season.

12135250_533260406828234_1366601198_n Who are your biggest fashion/style influences?

Key:¬†Honestly, I’m attracted to modesty¬†and¬†what’s in season. I love to play dress up and mix and match pieces in my closet. I try not to focus on celebrity styling. I just do what works best for me.

12093842_618792701594174_1208108689_n Greater than any fashion accessory, I believe confidence is the best accessory a woman can wear. We know that if your confidence level is not where it needs to be, rocking the hottest outfit is not going to carry over well. People will see the lack of confidence. I’ve had the pleasure of having you style my hair and you are very confident. Your photos alone exude confidence. What do you suggest for those lacking in the confidence area?

Key:¬†Confidence comes ¬†from within, putting on the outer pieces is just an extra. Ask yourself, “what’s makes you feel beautiful?” Sometimes, it takes looking in the mirror and¬†reminding ¬†yourself that you are FEARFULLY ¬†and WONDERFULLY made. As I mentioned before,¬† if it doesn’t feel good it wont look good. There’s only one you so be the best you!

12142233_1059252137432107_1289171662_n Well put! As we conclude this interview, I, again, I want to say thank you for taking the time to allow me to interview you. Continue being the genuine, confident you that you are! Your style is amazing, and I cannot wait to see more from you in both fashion and business.

Key: Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and recognition. As God continues to pour into me my mission is to pour into others! God bless you and all that you do.


Key can be found on social via the following links:
Instagram personal: Im_JustKey
Instagram stylist: StylezByKey
YouTube: Just Key Promo
Facebook: StylezByKey


2 thoughts on “StylezbyKey | Key Stirguss from NOLA

  1. Cynthia says:

    From what I see Key is multi talent I really adore her fashion and hairstyles. Confidence is the key if you don’t have confidence in yourself ,you wouldn’t be youūüėČ


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