MUSIC| Raheem DeVaughn “Love Sex Passion”

This 61u8BvHSoqL._SY355_Music Mondays post is dedicated to one of my favorite musical artist, Raheem DeVaughn. He calls himself “the Love King” and he has many reasons to. His songs of love, passion, life, and the struggle, gives inspiration and motivation and simply makes you feel good. Reminiscent of of a “modern Marvin Gaye,” his music always has a way of putting me on cloud9.

I love and respect that as an independent artist, he grinds hard and is constantly working towards building greatness. He even founded The LoveLife Foundation which focuses raising awareness and assisting those with HIV/AIDS, mental illness, domestic violence, and many other issues and causes.

I have been a fan of his for many years, so it’s only right that I place the light on Mr. Radio Raheem (you’d have to be sleeping under a rock to not know who he is, anyway lol).

His song QUEEN off of his current album (Love, Sex, Passion)  will have you adjusting your invisible crown and walking with your head held high.


Website    |
Facebook |    RaheemDeVaughn
Twitter        | Raheem_DeVaughn
Instagram  | Raheem_Devaughn


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