Happy New Year 2015!

Here we are again. Another year. Some did not make it, but I thank God to be alive and well and able to praise Him yet another day. There is so much negativity flying around social media regarding people making new years resolutions that they never keep. I often wonder about those Negative Nancies. I wonder if they are so vile and negative because they’ve had a hard time keeping past resolutions and day to day goals all together. I wonder because a few years ago, I was becoming one of those Negative Nancies.

There is so much to be thankful for, so much to be positive about, and so much to look forward to this year. I just want to let all the Negative Nancies know that if we take our eyes off what the next person is and isn’t doing and focus on what we are supposed to be doing, we’d eventually be able to not only reach our own goals, but also help others reach theirs as well.

I did not necessarily make any *new* new years resolutions, but am continuing to reach towards a few goals I have already set in place. One goal is for me to blog more consistently and post more substantial content vs filler content. The most important goal that I have is to pray more and that I am intentional about my walk with Christ and living a kingdom life. I want to continue to exercise the heart of a servant so that the desire grows so strong, it becomes second nature to me as well as loving others with the love of Christ. I want go much further into some of the personal goals that I have right now. They are written down in my home and some things are better shown than told. I just want you to know that if you’ve encountered some of the negative comments as previously stated above, do not be discouraged. Continue to make personal goals and resolutions, and more importantly, continue to actively pursue them. #ActionsSpeak


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